3 Keys To Create a Business Vision That Pulls You Forward

Does the idea of having a vision for your business compel you, and cause your belly to clench at the same time?
Most of you have probably heard the quote, “Without a vision, the people perish.” That sounds scary because so many entrepreneurs don’t have a vision for their business.
If this is true for you, there are reasons that you don’t have one. You haven’t yet owned what you really – in your heart of hearts – want your business to be about. So you are reluctant to create a vision that is not really “It” for you.
You may be a solopreneur who does almost, if not everything in your business. If so, you probably don’t think big enough because you can barely keep up with the day-to-day of what you are doing now.
It may be difficult or uncomfortable for you to sit still long enough to get in touch with your vision. Entrepreneurs often wear themselves out with the habit of “always doing.”
You are worth it. You are worth getting clear, acknowledging and owning what you really want your business to be about. You are worth taking the time to turn that into a compelling vision that pulls you forward.
Here are 3 keys to what goes into creating a business vision that pulls you forward:
Key #1. Your business vision has to be authentic for you. That means it has to fit you at every level.
When you sit down to create your vision, make an agreement with yourself that only what is authentic to you will find its way into your vision. You might be someone who needs a good dose of speaking and working live. If that is true for you, make sure that goes into your vision. Are you working with your Divine Right Clients? If not, it’s time to change that. Are you marketing in ways that are best for you? And more…
Key #2. Make sure you are passionate about everything that is in your business vision.
Passion is the fire in the heart that fuels any great work. Passion will ignite your imagination. Passion for what you do will get you out of bed in the morning, eager for the day. Passion is magnetic. It draws the right people and circumstances to you.
Key #3. Create a business vision that is BIG enough for you!
I have discovered that you will always play small if you are not playing a game that is big enough for you. Your vision is for you to step into, to stretch you and yes, to deeply satisfy you at a soul level.
Spend 5 minutes every day before you begin your work day, envisioning what you know now of your vision. It will unfold, guide you and pull you forward.
An authentic and passionate business vision is like having a guiding light for your business. It shines the light on what to focus on, on how to spend your time and on the right decisions.
You are worth it! And you can begin right now!
Step Into Your Greatness Today!
Create an authentic and passionate business vision.