3 Fashion Myths about guys debunked

We are guys and we are simpler and more complicated than you think at the same time. We have long held beliefs and standards for ourselves – some that we may change at a moments notice and some that are set in stone. I will let you in on 3 myths that you probably think about us that are simply not true – sorry guys!

Myth #1: We don’t care what our clothes look like.

Metrosexuals aside, there is a general belief, perpetuated by guys, that we don’t care about our dress. Our t-shirts are 18 years old, our jeans have holes in them and our shoes were bought during the Reagan administration. The truth is that we don’t buy new clothing because we care how we look. It is tougher than you ladies think to find men’s fashion that fits right. We may have big behinds, we may have big thighs or we may have short lets. These don’t lend themselves to a nice fitting pair or pants so we keep wearing the old pair of jeans that are literally hanging together by a string. We also don’t have the luxury of voicing our body image woes to our guy friends so we have to keep it all inside!

Myth # 2: We hate shopping

This one is a long held misconception about guys. The truth is, we don’t hate shopping, we just hate shopping without a purpose. We have no problem going to the store and purchasing a nice fitting shirt (see above) when we can, but we like to get in the store, buy our item and get out. Trying on the item is optional. We need a purpose in there. Us men can’t just go browsing, we are there for a reason and the sooner we accomplish our goal the sooner we can get home to watch the Yankees.

Myth # 3: We don’t notice fashion trends

The truth is, we do notice the newest trends, we are just hesitant to try anything new for fear of being “that guy”. We’ve had “that guy” in our lives since we were in grade school. The guy that showed up with Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket and parachute pants the day after the Thriller video came out. He’s the same guy that has the tousled hair so popular in Hollywood now and who wears the Italian shoes that look like sneakers. None of would mind looking up to date and stylish but we don’t make any changes for fear of looking foolish. This is a defect in us and it’s the reason that elderly men still wear black knee highs with their shorts while playing shuffleboard. Those of us under forty don’t dare make fun of these gentlemen because we know that but for the grace of God….