24 Guidelines for Successful Business Relationships

Are you feeling frustrated with your business clients? Are you a client who is dissatisfied with the services you are receiving? Do you find yourself stressed, and complaining about your business transactions?

When all people concerned follow some basic guidelines, everyone can win. It is always helpful to follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. It is also important to remember that everyone is a human being first, and we all have the same basic needs to be heard, respected, and appreciated.

People who have integrity, and are consistently honest and reliable, have more success as clients and as servers. Notice I used the word, “servers.” If we use that word, we are likely to have another perspective of what we are doing. I always say to my clients, “Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.” Or, “I am grateful for the opportunity to support you to create what you want.” That feels really good to them and to me.

The following 24 guidelines can help everyone improve their business relationships, reduce their stress levels, and have more successful interactions.

Put a check next to the statements you are doing as a business person:

I am…

1. Being honest with my clients.

2. Telling them what I can and cannot do.

3. Explaining things simply and clearly.

4. Being patient with them and myself.

5. Charging a fair price or fee that we agree on beforehand.

6. Asking them for all the information that I need.

7. Acknowledging my mistakes and correcting them.

8. Being pleasant and respectful.

9. Realizing that my clients’ time is also important, and showing up on time for appointments.

10. Doing what I say I am going to do, and returning all phone calls and emails as soon as possible.

11. Trusting my intuition to know if the clients are being truthful.

12. Focusing on giving them what they want and need, with gratitude for the opportunity to serve them.

As a client, put a check next to the statements you are doing with your business people:

I am…

1. Telling them clearly how they can assist me.

2. Giving them all the information they need to serve me.

3. Showing up on time for my appointments.

4. Being patient with them and myself.

5. Avoiding giving my power to them and maintaining responsibility for myself.

6. Understanding that things may take longer to get done than we expected.

7. Wanting them to also benefit from our business interactions.

8. Giving them feedback; letting them know what I like and want different in a nice way.

9. Paying my bills at the agreed upon time, or contacting them to make another agreement.

10. Informing them as soon as relevant changes have occurred.

11. Trusting my intuition to know if they are being truthful.

12. Expressing my appreciation and gratitude for their services.

How did you do? If you did not check some statements, they can be guidelines for you to improve your business relationships. Being conscious of how you give and receive business services in a caring, win/win way will benefit everyone. It will certainly make your days more pleasant and help you sleep better. Reducing stress will also prevent dis-ease and help you feel better physically and emotionally. You really can enjoy all your business relationships.