2 very dangerous trends to fall into – I have!

In a forum I visit – some people have asked questions on how to deal with some serious issues they find themselves falling into.

Here are two of them – and my suggestions on how to break free of them:

Information overload is HUGE! I fell into it years ago and finally dug my way out of it. The breaking point? A person very close to me that said “do you REALLY need to learn more to make some money – can’t you use all your experience and materials you already have to do that?”

Duh! Yes!

It was enough for me to realize that a huge library is useless if you never finish reading any of it.

So I canceled a ton of my newsletter subscriptions. I canceled quite a few of my paid ones – kept the most applicable for me today – can always pick up on them again when needed. And not trying to learn everything from everyone – pick a subject, learn it, apply it, make money from it, perfect it, make a ton more money from it, THEN learn something new.

What to focus on. Another big one. Many people within the internet marketing circles seem to suffer from the “shiny object syndrome” (I did at first too – until I realized what I was falling for). This is when one week you buy the home study course on adwords. Next week you buy the ebook on blogging. The next week article directories.

The next – an automated-do-hickey-website-that-



Or, at best, trying one thing for 3 hours then moving on to the next.

You know how I broke out of this silly game? I used the SQUARES. I created a spreadsheet with 1,000 squares on it – printed it off – and put it right in front of me on my desk. Every hour I invested in learning about my passion (copywriting and marketing launches) – I marked off a half a square (a full square was an X a half square was just half an X – like / ) For every hour I invested in IMPLEMENTING what I learned – I marked off a FULL X.

It was very motivational to see those squares fill up! And it also was very motivated and rewarding to know that the implementation side made them fill up twice as fast.

Once I filled up my first 1,000 squares I saw a huge different in my writing and results. The next 1,000 squares filled up even faster – the next even faster.

It is very addictive – and financially rewarding to focus in on first your passion areas – and then next – your high ROI areas.

Try the squares – they work