2 lessons on handling money

Give the same amount of money to 10 different people and you will find each of them spending it in a different way. One of them might waste them on useless items; the second might save them while the third might invest them and make some returns.

There are some facts about money that you must understand so that you can use them to become rich which are:

1) Your day job can hardly make you rich: how much money do you want to have? If your goals are limited to something like 2 thousands or 5 thousand dollars a month then you should do nothing but find a good job and climb the corporate leader, however if you want to drive a porch, buy a Ferrari one day or to have a large mansion then certainly the day job option isn’t for you.

Even though your day job will never make you that rich still I strongly recommend that you back yourself by a day job until you manage to take good steps in your other plan. This might sound contradictory but let me explain further

In order to become rich you need to think of new business ideas and to have the motive to apply them. If you are struggling with bills that you can’t pay and if you are burdened with dept then you will hardly become creative and your brain’s resources will be locked thinking about these bills

The best thing you can do is to find a day job that provides you with a stable pay that helps you have a clear mind while in the same time that gives you enough time to pursue your main goal

Don’t do the mistake of finding a job that takes 12 hours of your day and that requires a lot of hard work because that would never give you time to think about anything else

My first job was a computer instructor at good company
The pay was very good and the job was promising but the big problem is that it gave me no time to think about anything else

I decided to quit the job and everyone told me that I am mad
Few months later I found another job that pays even more money and that consumes less time, that job allowed me to plan ahead and to start my business which made me rich

So again, you need to find a job that gives you a pay that helps you have a clear mind and in the same time that gives you free time

Some people remain poor not because they can’t plan or handle money but because they are stuck in a day job that consumes all of their available time and prevents them from sparing some time to find a way out.

Now let’s move on to the second and very important concept which is learning how to avoid the salary trap

2) Avoiding the salary trap

Do you know why some bad habits are addictive?
its because they act like pain killers that distract the person from the real problem he is suffering from

lots of people overeat and are obese because they use eating as a method to escape from bad emotions

lots of people are shopping addicts because they use shopping as a method to unconsciously regain control over their lives

Millions of people became drug addicts because they use drugs as a way to escape from their unsolved problems

so bad habits persistent because they act as pain killers
Now what’s more dangerous than drug addiction is the addiction to something that is harmless on the short term but lethal on the long term

Yes, I am talking about your salary

If you got a good job with a relatively high salary then there is a very big chance that you are going to get addicted to the job, to the salary and your working conditions. This is not bad at all if you never forgot about your long term plans and kept following your goals consistently but what most people do is that as soon as they get a good job they forget about their long term plans, quit working on their goals and so fall in the salary trap

Years later, those people start to become dissatisfied with their jobs because their demands kept growing while their earnings remained the almost the same.

Some of them manage to get promoted and so find a new pain killer for few more years but in the end the result will be the same.

Both groups will find themselves unhappy when it’s too late and when they realize that they have wasted years in their lives without making much progress.

Again I strongly recommend finding a job and earning a good income but I am also strongly against sleeping for years just because bills aren’t making you worried anymore

The worst thing that could happen to a person who wants to become rich is falling in the salary trap then realizing 10 or even 20 years later that he was wasting his time.