2.5 Things You Need To Know About Franchise Loans ! Money And Funding For A Business Loan In Franchising

2.5? Actually we’ll round that one up to 3. We’re talking about franchise loans in Canada. As a potential franchisee you’re looking for money for franchising the entrepreneurial dream. Let’s cover off some key points in funding that loan and ensuring things are done right.

Point # 1 – Is it possible to go it alone? While it may be possible for you to cover off all aspects of your purchase, including selecting your chosen business, validating it, planning for it, and ensuring it’s financed properly we certainly don’t recommend that. We remind clients that even some of the largest companies in the world with all the smarts they might have internally, solicit help from their advisors, lawyers, bankers, peers, etc.

In many ways the Canadian franchisee is even putting more ‘ on the line’ than a large corporation, as he or she is pledging personal assets, collapsing some level of savings and investments, and waiving their rights to explore other career or job opportunities by virtue of selecting a franchise.

We think most clients think that a lot of the advice and assistance might be costly. Not necessarily, many franchise consultants who assist firms in fact are compensated by the franchisor, not you, as an example. And the unbiased and professional advice you might get from a franchise lawyer is quite often many times worth the price of admission.

Don’t forget also that your chosen franchisor is probably a treasure trove of assistance, including putting you in touch with other unit owner in their system to share experiences and ‘ how to ‘ .

Point # 2- Does getting money and funding for franchising loans differ from any other commercial lending .The short answer we give clients is the proverbial ‘ yes ‘ and ‘ no ‘. Let’s clarify. We firmly believe that franchise funding does not eliminate any of the basics of business loans, as compared to if you were starting or buying g your own business outside the franchise model. The same pre- requisites apply. They include a business plan, cash flow planning, evaluating finance alternatives, and ensuring you have the right amount of debt and equity capital

Where things might differ a bit is that in most cases you don’t have the same options as the typical commercial borrower. And quite honestly, no matter low large your franchise might be you are traditionally viewed as a ‘ small business borrower. The bottom line though is that there are concrete options for financing your purchase, they are just a bit more limited,

Point # 3 – How does the franchisee determine what amount of financing he or she needs? A couple key factors come into play here. First of all the obvious one, the size of your franchise. In Canada you can buy franchises for only a nominal investment, or you can borrow and invest up to a million dollars or more. ThatÂ’s a broad spectrum! Remember also that franchises that require asset financing are going to incur higher borrowing needs. Asset financing in a franchise consists of leaseholds, equipment, computers an point of sale equipment, etc. Many franchisees we talk to unfortunately also are not focusing on the amount of working capital they needs to grow and operate their business after they purchase it.

As an entrepreneur you want to ensure you successfully attain the Canadian dream of owning your own business. That option is being considered by more business owners everyday. North American stats show that approximately 5% of franchises fail. Use our info wisely to ensure you’re in that other 95%. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor for guidance on your franchise loans.