16 Step Recipes for Success

1. Keep on Dreaming. Only in dreaming you can awaken your giant within!

2. Believe in yourself. Believe in your skills, talents and abilities that you can if you think you can! Remember, no one will feel you insecure and inferior without your consent!

3. Read Good Books. Make reading good books as part of your habits. Good books are hidden treasures that can help you to become wise and leader among men.

4. Know what you are doing. Believe in what you are doing. Love what you are doing and never think of backsliding. For the world cannot be won with a doubtful spirit.

5. Act. Dreaming without acting is meaningless in all meaningless under the sun! To make your dreams come true…you must work and strive for it with all your might!

6. Never accept defeat and failure, for that is the word and vocabulary of the fools and losers. Remember, success is never ending and failure is never final!

7. Learn, laugh at your mistakes and make a glorious one.

8. Be contented of what you have but don’t be contented of what you are.

9. Manage your time wisely. Remember time is gold.

10. Take good care of your health. Good health is your only capital and investment to reach your dreams and goals in life.

11. Be careful, watchful and vigilant! Don’t ever forget to nurture your character, for your character will cover and protect your reputation from the trap and honey words of wicked individuals.

12. Be an open-minded person. Remember there is more hope to the fool than to a close minded individual.

13. Have self-respect. Remember none but one can harm you. None but yourself is your greatest foe. He that respects himself is safe from others. He wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.

14. Be interested in people. Remember no man is an island.

15. Value your family and friends. Remember there is always a need of the family and good friends.

16. Don’t worry, be happy. If you are worried about something, tell God. If you cannot remember something, ask God. Try to get in the habit of taking everything to God first and your plan will succeed!

Good Luck!

Wish you many blessings to come and God bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

About the Author:

Moises P. Reconalla is the School Guidance Counselor, College Instructor and Working Students Supervisor at North Davao College, Panabo City, Philippines.

He has taught several courses at the college including: Guidance and Counseling, General Psychology, Philippine History: Roots and Development, General Anthropology and Sociology, and Dr. Jose Rizal: Life, Works & Writings.

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