15 Stepping Stones toward Self-Freedom

(Excerpted from Beyond Dependency by Guy Finley)

Ponder the following small set of truths until you can see their promise of new ways to empower your wish to be spiritually free. Do this and soon their power will be a part of your newly won freedom.

1. No negative spirit of any kind may remain as a negative influence in the mind that is awake to its presence.

2. Higher spiritual energies are always present, but because our present nature cannot rightly receive their impressions they are like rocket fuel being poured into a diesel engine.

3. No real lesson in life becomes our understanding until we discover the fact that all of our exterior life lessons are the secret reflections of an undetected interior imbalance in us. These lessons exist – are brought about – to help temper our soul’s character.

4. There are superior ways to handle times of discomfort or disappointment that do not include expressing negative emotions.

5. There is nothing we can say to a tornado to make it stop spinning. The same holds true for when and what we should say to people caught in negative states. Usually, if left alone, the storm they are in just fades away because it runs out of mechanical energy.

6. No place we walk can be any more meaningful or Light-filled than our awareness of ourselves in that place.

7. One reason people fear being alone is because they don’t understand its purpose. Nothing is wrong with you being alone.

8. Everything that happens to us is a reflection of us.

9. Put your attention on what you want in life, not on what you don’t want. Base your aim on spiritual aspiration, not physical ambition

10. Learning to be patient with the process that Spirit foments in us is a big part of learning what we are to do.

11. It is impossible to resist something and learn from it at the same time.

12. Fear is a lie; the same frightened self that seeks rescue secretly confirms its condition as being real with each of its plaintive calls for help.

13. It is impossible to bring an end to any emotional suffering by imagining some new joy. The self that is moved to do this kind of imagining does not understand that some unseen force of sorrow or distress fuels its dream-engine.

14. Real happiness is not an emotional sensation but a spiritual quality.

15. Stick with your wish to know the Truth of yourself and this same Truth will see to it that the experiences you need to better know It will be brought to your door.

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