13 Summer Dating Ideas

Summer it’s the time of the year that most of us like and badly expecting. It is the time for enjoying outdoors, getting hot and sweaty; it is all about lazy, hot days and fun filled nights. When talking about summer the first things that come in your mind are pool parties, beach music, barbecues, ice cream, cold drinks and a lot of fun.

Summertime is a few days away and maybe you are wondering how will you spend this summer in order to have a lot of fun. Life seems easier in summertime, the hot weather affords you countless creative ways to plan a date. Summer offers a great opportunity to do some fun and creative things that can leave an impact on your date, even if you have already a girlfriend, or now you are looking for one.

Spending an unforgettable summer with your girlfriend is very easy. All you have to know is how to offer her an interesting and funny summer. So, here are some summer dating ideas that might help you, but also you may come with your own cool ideas.

1.Go to the beach

-the beach is very beautiful,is a place where you can have a lot of fun, but also allows you to be romantic with your partner

-you may go for a long walk on the empty beach, when the night is cool

-dinner on the beach can be a very romantic idea; the two of you can enjoy a dinner on the beach and then gaze at the stars; having a candlelight picnic on the beach with roses spread along a path where your blanket is; it can be a night where you can look at the stars, cuddle and kiss, and also listen to a romantic music

-as I said, at the beach you can have also a lot of fun: you can play ball, beach volleyball, surf, trampoline and also build sand sculptures

-there are also many outdoor festivals and concerts

2. Backyard barbecue

– is a perfect idea for spending time with your common friends

-cold drinks, fresh salads and sausages charred to within an inch of their lives

-is a perfect date for anyone who has a big interest in cooking and entertaining;

-allows you to show off your gathering skills to your mates

3. Go to festivals,carnivals and outdoor shows

-an outdoor festival would be a great chance to bond one-on-one and still buy a little something beautiful for her

-go see fireworks

-go dancing at music festivals, and even dance clubs; enjoy dancing outside to a live band

-the festive atmosphere of summer carnivals boost the fun factor of any date

-shows are great if you both enjoy the performance

4.Take her to a picnic

-prepare her a meal that will impress her

– choose an interesting location such as the beach or a local park

-grab an old blanket or sheet, a flashlight and a guide to constellations and stars

-but if you like to pay attention at the details, choose carefully the tablecloth, good plates and cups and also don’t forget the wine

-also you can spend the afternoon eating strawberries and cream in a distant meadow

5. Play sports

-if she is the athletic type, have some fun by playing sports such as: tennis, horse-back riding, rolling blading, bike rides, golf

-you can play bowling with your friends; play guys against girls or compete couple against couple

-hire in line roller skater and make fool of yourself in the local park

-go on a nature hike together

-also you may play some team sports such as soccer game, football game, volleyball game

6.Learn to surf

– is a fabulous date idea for those who love to try something new and are not afraid of water

-sea air and salt water are powerfully invigorating and also great for the skin

7.Sunset cruise for two

-plan a sunset cruise on a sailboat; enjoy the time spend together in this special atmosphere

-if you know that she likes very much water, you can also plan an afternoon boat trip and enjoy the passing scenery

8.Water park

-water parks are a unique source of fun in summer

-have fun by riding down rapids, shooting down slides or just floating over the lazy river

9.Go fishing

-also another choice is to drive up to a lake or river, rent a boat and paddle around; you may teach her how to fish

-fishing in the dark can be very romantic; so head out on a boat for a romantic fishing in the dark by moonlight

10. Visit waterfalls

-put together a map of nearby waterfalls and spend your day hiking to each of them

-bring along a picnic lunch and eat beside a waterfall

-to be more romantic, you can also swim under the waterfall

11. Plan a camping trip

-spend private time together during a camping trip

-camp out in a tent on a secluded area such as a beach or a mountain

-watch the stars and enjoy a couple sips of cool champagne

12. Go to visit the Zoo

-if your town has a zoo, it can be a really fun place to go with your date, especially in the summer when many animals are more active

-is a fun and relaxing place in the same time

13. Outdoors restaurants

-it is a usual kind of date to take her to the restaurant, but the outdoors restaurants have a special charm

-with a great view and a fresh breeze, these ones creates a very romantic atmosphere

-the scenery changes as the dusk falls

Summer is the season full of joy, fun and excitement. It is not the perfect time to stay at home. So, take your girlfriend and make all the crazy things you both like in order to have a great time and spend an unforgettable summer.