12 Steps to Raise Your Self Esteem

Raising self esteem is not simple things, which you can’t develop overnight. There are twelve steps to raise high self esteem.


Please stop comparing yourself with other people. There might be people who are higher than you and some who have less than you. If you start comparing in between people, you will definitely face defeat.


It is very important don’t put yourself down. It is not possible to raise high self esteem if you repeatedly phrases negative words about yourself and your abilities. Always avoid self depreciating comments whenever you talk about your relationships, financial situations, any aspect of life, speaking about your appearances.


Be polite and accept any compliments with “thank you”. Whenever you reject compliment the message you give yourself is that you are not liable for that, which shows low self esteem.


Always use affirmation to enhance your self esteem. Make a sentence which deserver most and write it somewhere you usually used to read, whenever you say the affirmation which allow yourself to experience positive feeling about your statement.


If possible take advantage of workshops, books and various cassette programs on self esteem. Whatever negative things you will see, all will affect on your self esteem like news about murders, bad television programs. It will make you grow cynical and pessimistic. Similarly if you watch good programs or read good books it will definitely take on these characteristics.


Always avoid negative people, try to spend more time with positive people because negative thinking people low down your ideas, simultaneously your self esteem get lowered. It is the fact if you get accepted and encouraged you feel better about your self and your self esteem get raise.


Make out list of your past success, it may be consist of ant small achievements, like learning to drive, graduation, receiving an award, reaching a business goal, etc. Use to read it often, after reading try to review every moment while closing your eyes and feel the satisfaction and enjoy each success when you attended in real life.


Make out the list of your positive qualities. Be honest with yourself and make out at least 20 positive qualities. Here it is also important to review all these qualities often. All time focus on your positive traits.


Give time to other people which around you, when you start doing things for other you are making things for others, that will make positive contribution and then you will feel more valuable person, that ultimately raise your spirit and raises your own self esteem.


Involve in things which you love to do. Self esteem raise, when you engaged yourself in work which you like most. You can spend your leisure time in your hobbies which makes you enjoyable.


It is very important that true to yourself. You will not get own respect and feel good if you not lead your life as you have to. It you are working on others decision like friends or relatives, you are not true to your self and which turns to low your self esteem.


Don’t be afraid of challenges, try to accept challenges no one can raise high self esteem without accepting challenges. It boosts your self esteem when you take an action without concerning any result of that.