12 Helpful Tips For Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life and is supposed a natural thing for a mother and newborn child to do. But, if you’re having a few problems in breastfeeding your child, here are 12 helpful hints to help you and your child to enjoy that special bond between mother and child.

1. Commence breastfeeding your child as soon as possible after you give birth – preferably within the first two hours.
2. Always ensure that you and your baby are in a comfortable position when breastfeeding
3. It is not necessary to feed your baby from both breasts at every feed but do alternate which breast you start off with at each feed. Let your baby finish a feed at each breast. This will give your baby hind milk (later hind milk can be more satisfying for your baby).
4. Unless you are aware of a special problem there is no need to keep track of when you feed your baby. Nor should there be a need to wake up your baby for feeding because your baby will always let you know when it is feeding time. The more feeding your baby demands, the more milk you will produce.
5. Breastfeeding your baby at night when your baby needs it is as important as daytime feeds.
6. Successful breastfeeding normally means your baby does not need additional fluids.
7. Successful breastfeeding will satisfy all your baby’s nutritional needs.
8. Breastfeeding involves a different sucking action to bottle feeding so the use of bottles should be avoided if at all possible, at least until breastfeeding is established.
9. Your success with breastfeeding is linked to your own healthy intake of food and drink. Look after your own diet by eating healthy foods and drinks. Make sure your thirst and hunger are satisfied.
10. Your midwife and/or health visitor will always be pleased to show you how to overcome any breastfeeding problems that you may experience.
11. When out with baby at feed time, look out for shops and restaurants with the ‘parent friendly’ sign. This means they welcome parents with babies and make special provision for nursing mothers.
12. Breastfeeding is not always easy but with practice, difficulties can be overcome.

Remember, breastfeeding is best for baby but does not always come natural to either the mother or child. Perseverance is often needed by both mother and baby. Millions of women experiences problems of one sort or another, at some stage of breastfeeding so, if you are having problems, you aren’t alone.

There is no need to go it alone. Don’t delay in seeking help. Hopefully, the 12 breastfeeding tips above will help make breastfeeding a pleasurable experience for both you and your baby.