100% Is Easier: The Lessons of Raw

A few years ago when I was in training with the Coaches Training Institute, I remember one of the leaders saying that it is easier to give 100% – easier than 95%, or anything less than 100%. That resonated for me. In the moment I knew the truth of it, but put it into some “future query file.”

It clearly came home to me almost six years later. I made a decision to eat a 100% raw diet and let go of all caffeine.

I had a sense for two years that this was the best way for me in terms of health and energy. I had put my foot in the raw food waters several times, and let go of some level of caffeine, with a lot of exceptions.

I was already vegetarian and had lost my taste for coffee. But I love cooked food; used green and other teas for energy and couldn’t find it in myself to let go of these options.

I didn’t want to miss out on anything in the way of the cooked food world – an unexpected treat, a buffet, a special meal someone made, or a great new restaurant.
I didn’t want to be so different from others around me. And I couldn’t imagine letting go of the kick of caffeine.

Plus, this was what I knew – and a case of old habits die hard.

So I bounced around, sometimes here, sometimes there, often using circumstances as my guide for the moment or the day. I had desire without decision.

Until . . .


One day I made a decision to eat 100% raw and let go of caffeine. This decision has impacted me on every level – spiritual, emotional and physical.

I am at peace, and what once looked so challenging no longer seems so at all. In fact, I am quite happy about the whole thing, and have learned a lot in the process far beyond the decision to eat raw and let go of caffeine.

And, yes, there have been periods of great re-adjustment.

So here is fast-forwarding to a few key things I’ve learned.


A decision is powerful. The root of the word decision (decidere) is to cut off from. When I – or you – really make a decision, we cut ourselves off from other options and commit to what we’ve chosen by virtue of our decision.

A decision includes both intention and commitment. Both of these are 100%. Both focus our inner resources as well as attract the ideas and outer resources to support the decision.

A decision is whole hearted. We can only decide in favor of what is true for our self – of what we know in our heart and soul to be true. Otherwise, there’ll always be some holding back, either in subtle or not so subtle ways. With a real decision, there is no holding back.

Being whole hearted – no holding back – is a joy and is effortless.

100% is easier than anything less.

Much like being whole hearted, there is great ease in doing something 100%. 100% means total – emotional, spiritual and physical. There are no considerations, mind clutter, fantasies, circumstances, excuses or shoulds to drain our energy or distract our attention.

Doing something 100% is simple.


Image how your life might be different if you only invest your time, energy and attention on what is true for you, and whatever you do, you do it 100%. Whether it is a conversation, a project, a relationship, your business or anything else, being in it 100% can only make it easier, simpler and ever so much richer.

Why Not “Step into Your Greatness” 100%