10 Tips for Living Radiantly Alive

The quality of life starts to improve by experiencing positive energy and harmony in our lives. Doing things we love, adding variety, passionate living, selfless love, ‘can-do’ attitude – all go a long way in making your life a truly delightful journey. Here are 10 tips for living radiantly alive each day of your life.

1. Set goals: Imagine what is possible. Dream big. Do not let ‘reality’ stand in your way when you start. Later begin to refine the goals, making them lofty yet possible (in your mind). Write them out – in present tense and in the positive (what I do want rather than what I don’t want). ‘I am creating my life, my body and our world to be radiantly alive.’

. Don’t tox: While the word ‘detox’ had become a common part of our language, and it gets a lot of press, equally or more important is the flip side of that: don’t put the toxins in to start with. It saves a lot of time and energy to simply be more discerning about what we put into ourselves (food, skin products, the air we breathe, fabrics, media).

3. Move: While it’s nearly absurdly obvious, and we all know it, moving the body is so hugely important it must be on our list. Brain function, memory, mood, energy, immunity, sleep and general health – exercise may be the one most important thing we can do for these. Yoga, dance, tai chi, walking; while the effects vary, anything is better than nothing.

4. Live your passion: Life is too precious to spend any significant amount of time and energy devoted to do anything less than what we love. It’s possible to invest ourselves into what turns us on and what energizes us, the kind of activities (vocation or avocation) where we are not watching the clock. Adding an element of service, aka “karma yoga,” where what we are into also benefits the world somehow, adds another degree of satisfaction and happiness.

5. Get grateful: By actively engaging in a shift about how we perceive our life – how we actively recognize small details of gratitude about ourselves and how we appreciate others – we can change how we think, feel and the action we take.

6. Eat differently: There is a ton of info about what to eat. Everyone and their monkey have an opinion about what’s the optimal diet. The bottom line, though, is we are all different, and our optimal diets will differ at least a little. Unless you feel you are at your maximum potential for health, that what you eat is ideally serving you, try something different. Add something in, take something out. Make it trial and success until you feel phenomenal.

7. Detox: No matter how careful we are about what we put into our bodies, living in the world today means we will encounter toxins. Consciously helping excavate them through breathing, sauna, skin brushing, cleansing foods, fasting, colonics helps keep us at our maximum energy and vitality.

8. Do something different: If we want to create something different in our lives, we must do something different. It’s so easy to get into patterns and ruts, to do the same thing everyday. Simple acts can lead to big possibilities, and actually affect our brain’s hard wiring. Put the non-dominant leg into your pants when you get dressed, take a different route home from work, eat with the other hand. We can step out of autopilot mode, out of robotic behavior, and into conscious and creative living.

9. Lifelong learning: A great question is “how good can it get?” The question alone prompts one to learn, to discover, to explore. Whether it’s reading, listening, experimenting, watching… we live in a world where tremendous wisdom is readily available. Learning a little every day leads to mastery, and setting aside time devoted to this is a huge step in staying young, growing and expanding.

10. Meditate: That might mean in a traditional way (sitting still and watching the breath, chanting or visualizing) or it might mean simply taking conscious time out from the busyness of life to pause, to look within. We could define meditation as the art of being with what is, and our ability to accept what is, to love it even, is the measure of our ability to enjoy, appreciate and create.