10 Tips For Dealing With Airport Security

Air travel isn’t as easy as it once was. A rise in security measures along with tedious wait times is difficult at best. The purpose of this article is to reveal 10 ways to make travel by airline a little easier to handle.

Pack ahead carefully. Regulations currently allow only 3 ounces or less of lotions, gel or liquid substances to be carried on. And these must be contained in clear plastic bottles and storage Baggies. Larger amounts of liquids will have to be checked-in at the baggage claim or purchased after the flight.

Plan to weigh your baggage beforehand. Bags that are check-in at claims must weigh fifty pounds or less. By weighing your luggage at home, you’ll be able to avoid a delay at the claims department. Also consider carrying on as much as possible.

Plan to arrive early -very early. Most airports have websites that can provide fliers with up-to-date information on the wait time for flights. Typically the current rules is to arrive at lest two hours before the estimated take-off time

Update your identification. Certain trips require certain Ids. Brush up on requirements and obtain the proper identification well in advance if you need to.

Avoid cumbersome footwear. Almost every airport security station deems it necessary for those boarding to take off their shoes. Purchasing a pair of loafers or slide on shoes before the flight can speed things up further.

No beverages of any sort, not even the ones bought in the secure area, are allowed onboard the plane. Take care of your thirst by consuming your drink before boarding.

Long wait times are difficult for adults, and doubly so for children. Make everyone a little happier by providing your children with puzzles, games or books to keep them entertained.

No arguments please. Airport employees have a job to do and that is to get you to your destination safely. You can help them out by following directions calmly and quickly.

In special circumstances, bring along a doctor’s note. Passengers are still allowed to bring along medications and infant formula as long as they obtain a note signed by a physician.

Stay positive. Even with the fear of terrorism and the heightened security concerns you are sure to notice at the airport. Remember that life is meant to be lived, and enjoyed.