10 Steps to Coach Yourself to Success Without a Coach

Does it surprise you to learn that many of today’s top executives, professionals and entrepreneurs have personal coaches? But this coaching has nothing to do with physical fitness.

This type of personal coaching is about being and doing your best-about time and goal management-about peak performance-about achieving higher levels of business or professional success.

This is where we also talk about accountability. To whom or what are you held accountable ? Do you have a coach or mentor that will listen to you without judging you or laughing about you idea to walk on water? Does your coach hold your feet to the fire and show you where you missed the mark even when you can’t see it because you are standing on it? This is what I am talking about.

Regardless of the focus for each person, however, in the end it’s about living life the way they really want to live. And this is a goal most of us have!

Some people just are not ready to get a coach or mentor. So I have given you these ten steps.

But if you aren’t ready for your own personal coach, here are ten steps to coach yourself along the path to your preferred lifestyle:

Step 1. Get Clear Pick one major goal you feel ready to commit to, write it down, including all the steps that it will take to reach this goal and be sure you have a clear picture of exactly what your goal is. This may sound like old advice-and it is. This advice has survived over time for a good reason-it works! It’s far more powerful to write your goals down than just hold them in your mind. A goal not written down is just a suggestion or an opinion and we all know about those. You must read it out loud to yourself once a day and if you’ll review them at least once a week, your rate of success will double.

Step 2. Get Committed If you want something more than you have today, you’ll have to do something more. ( How big is your WHY?) (read “The Power Of WHY”) This does not necessarily mean that you have to work harder or longer, although many super-successful people do just that. What it does mean is that you should commit to do your best! Peak performance is not something you achieve in the future-it’s doing a superior job right now-on whatever task or challenge before you. Do it right the first time and you do not have to repeat yourself. For successful people this is a habit and springs from a superior attitude. Remember affirmations are the self speak that will help.

Step 3. Get Focused Life is packed full of distractions. Successful people take the time to solve distracting problems, or give them no attention at all. Learn to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. What you focus on will grow. Pick a time and remember that business is business time and play is play time and self improvement is always important.

Step 4. Get Organized Successful people know that space management is just as important as time management. They have organized desks and files and organized day timers. If you want a higher level of success, spend some time getting your workspace organized, and make it a priority to keep it that way. It’s difficult to have an orderly and efficient mind in a cluttered and disorganized space. Also time management and sticking to it is just as important as space management.

Step 5. Get Motivated Read or listen to something motivating every day. Even 20 minutes everyday is your goal that can make a big difference. Listen to educational and motivational tapes, CDs, MP3s while you drive. Turn your car into a university for self improvement. This is important “mind food.” See my article posting on this blog about what we spend on the inside of our heads verus the outside of our heads.

Step 6. Get Educated If you’re committed to superior performance, part of that requires keeping your mind open and stimulated. Read both within and outside your field of focus. See my link at the bottom to better reading and the list of books no matter what your business or products.

Step 7. Get Connected Become part of a Master Mind group-a group of people committed to helping each other become successful. Meet once a week (even on the telephone) to brainstorm ideas and advise and support each other. Place like BNI and Chambers of Commerence within your city will help.

Step 8. Get De-stressed It’s important to take a personal evaluation of your stress level. Daily stress management is not just important-it’s essential! Stress has very negative impacts on your brain: (1) It is proven to actually kill brain cells, and (2) It focuses your mental activity in older portions of the brain that do not support higher creative thinking. It is not your friend! The more active the brain without stress the younger you feel. The more active the body without stress the younger you will feel.

Step 9. Get Balanced Super successful people know how important it is to have a balance in their life. Bill Gates takes an entire week off each month and seeks solitude so he can clear his mind. I take at least one day a week and withdraw to my hobbies and time to just do no business at all. But just as important as personal retreats is some play time with your family and friends. Get balanced, and you’ll be far more productive and creative.

Step 10. Get Confident Successful people have strong self images. They have a sense of their own self worth and are confident they can handle whatever life tosses in their path. If you have personal doubts-that’s the first place to start on your desired pathway to success. This must be dealt with, or you’ll just continue to have the same problems holding you back! That’s why you need to visit my blog or email me to get a free self confidence course. Build yourself up and then you can help build others. Remember you are never to big to bend over and help someone else up. If you think you are TOO big to do this you are really just the smallest person in the world.

Copyright (c) 2007 Robin Rushlo