10 Must-do’s When you visit Brussels

Brussels is the cosmopolitan capital of bureaucracy in the heart of European politics. But when freed from the bonds of red tape, this capital of Belgium is an interesting fusion of contemporary living and important historical curiosity. The attractions are different markets, monuments, churchs, galeries and spacially Brussels hotels.

1. The Grand-Place
The central square of Brussels is the main point of activity for tourists and locals alike. The moving markets are bursting with souvenir-seeking bargain seekers. It is important to take a look out for the town hall (Hotel de Ville), which is a great example of 15th century architecture and one of the main Brussles hotels.
2. Manneken Pis
This bronze sacred statue of the small boy urinating is a Brussels landmark and it dates from the 17th century. We can name many legends that try to explain the origins of this statue. One says it represents a young boy urinating on a burning charge in order to bring down the city walls when under siege from a foreign army, in this way it will save the city from invasion. Apart from the truth, this staue is cute and has over 500 outfits, one for every special occasion.

3. St Nicholas Church
This important building was constructed in the 11th century and it is a fine example of medieval architecture in Brussels. You will be a lucky person, if you catch one of the occasional services given in English.

4. Royales Galeries Sint-Hubert
Europe’s oldest glass arcade was built in 1847 and designed by JP Cluysenaer. This place welcome fashionable boutiques and cool cafes. In 2000, it was renovated and reopened to eager public looking for fun. If we can recommend a place to visit, the arcade will be one because of its magnificent architecture.

5. Belgian Chocolate
If you come to Brussels and go back town without experiencing the world famous Belgian chocolate, consider it as a huge mistake in your life . This fantastic product has a quality all of its own and is the perfect choice for gifts to your friends and family.

6. Avenue Louise
The Avenue Louise is the place to crave a shopping fix. If you want to flex your spending, please try the designer shops which will provide generous opportunities to do it. Purchases include diamonds and antiques.

7. Waterzooi
Waterzooi is a kind of fish stew considered as part of Belgian specialities and it is very popular with the locals; try one in Brussel hotel, you won’t forget the flavor in years. Other native dishes include waffles, mussels and sweetbreads.

8. Pistes de Lancement
One importante event in March is this clown festival, specially if you are traveling with children. The Saint-Gilles region is full with circus acts which entertaining children and adults.

9. Flower Carpet
This fantastic event takes place during August. The Grand’ Place is subjected to thousands of flowers as a sea of colour. You will be surprised by the stunning patterns.

10. Christmas Market
This festive time is a flurry of activity, as traditional Christmas suddenly comes up,. The sparkling shows keep you entertained. It is amazing to see how purchases as jugglers and musicians perform amongst the festive shoppers.
Finally, don’t forget to visit Brussel Hotels that give to the guest one of the most important experiences around Brussels Hotels. The time here will complete your journey.