Ever wondered why most people drift away from their goals and New Year’s Resolutions? Are you guilty of any – or all – of these 10 pitfalls below?
You’re set for failure if…

1. You believe in Instant Gratification and a Quick Fix rather than the power of Persistence.
2. You criticise or even hate yourself. Repeated negative self-talk is the worst way to convince your inner being to change.
3. You can’t or won’t forgive one or more people or events that hurt you in the past. Feeling a victim keeps you disempowered.
4. You continue to spend most of your time with the same people who like and encourage your “bad” habits. Ditch the need for approval and get on with your life!
5. You are unconsciously stuck in an early-life blueprint forged by your parents or care-givers. Get help and get free fast with EFT.
6. You are guilty of “stinking thinking.” Thoughts create your reality is a truism with deep meaning reiterated in recent movies like WHAT THE BLEEP and THE SECRET. Change your thoughts to change your life.
7. You don’t like change and thus stay in your old “comfort” zone.
8. You make New Year’s Resolutions based on SHOULDS not TRUE WANTS/DESIRES. Get clear on WHY you want to change and write down your big goals and what you are going to do towards them – on a daily basis.
9. You are unfocused or unaware that goals happen moment by moment in every decision you make until they become habits. Know it takes 20 to 90 days to form a new habit.
10. You think you must do it alone. Who says? High achievers use coaches, mentors and mastermind or other support groups to succeed. Encouragement and being held accountable for taking action by a definite date makes all the difference to succeeding.

Be honest! When you woke up on January 1st this year did you groan and bemoan how weak, fat and broke you feel? And did you swear on your life to reform and make 2007 your year to get … strong; thin and rich? Well it’s not to late. Keep this Tip Sheet on your desk to remind you how you can succeed if you really want to.