10 Activities Guaranteed To Prime The Sales Pump

Zig Ziglar tells a great story centered around a pump. In fact, he used to carry around a chromed hand-pump to his sales seminars to help illustrate his point. He would present the idea that a pump only worked after it was properly and sufficiently primed.

Priming requires a combination of technique, resources and time. After a successful priming period, water would flow from it freely and bountifully. It is the same with people and success. We must develop and invest the proper skills, materials and time in order to reach a wellspring of selling rewards.

The following are several proven activities to assist you with the priming of your success pump:

1. Re-evaluate and refresh your goals.

Goals are dynamic. A successful strategy must include regular internalization and review of your goals, your progress and the adjustments needed to guarantee your success. Take an honest look.

2. Get congruent with your sales plan. Perform a GAP analysis.

Review your sales plan. Notice the gap between where you expected to be and where you are. What can you do about it?

3. Learn new skills. Always be working on your self.

The best investment that you can ever make is an investment in yourself. Always be learning and stretching your comfort zone. Your self-investment will always pay the highest dividends!

4. Read or listen to the biographies of successful people.

As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.” Learn from the mistakes and successes of entrepreneurs before you, both in and out of your industry.

5. Start an exercise program and stick with it.

Regular physical activity offers more benefits than I can ever describe here. Get off the couch, get out from behind your desk and get physical. Exert yourself. High levels of energy feels good!

6. Kick the processed sugar habit.

You will be amazed at your renewed energy! Most of us consume horrid amounts of refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Get rid of the sugar-laden soft-drinks and snacks. This alone will likely have an immediate impact on any weight issues you might have. You will feel better too.

7. Take a brief respite. Immerse yourself in a day off or brief vacation to re-charge your batteries.

Take time to clear your head periodically. Totally immerse yourself into an enjoyable activity. Refresh yourself, you deserve it.

8. Become an expert in another product or service that you offer.

Decide to become an industry expert in something you offer. The “newness” and sense of authority will invigorate you, priming you for action.

9. Attend product training in your industry at least twice per year.

Technology is constantly changing and you need regular updates to at least stay current in your field. Why then stay only current? Decide to operate on the cutting edge!

10. Uncover a new market for your goods and services and dive in.

Learn about an opportunity-rich new market, design your sales plan and dive in. “New” is always fun and will help propel you forward in your selling successes.

Try engaging in all of these between now and the end of this year. You will find yourself leaping into the opportunities that 2008 will surely offer.